Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Little Elliot, Big REVEAL

Friday afternoon I gathered some of my students around me for a mini-lesson. They were confused – it was study hall time. Any students who weren’t in chorus were hanging out in my room. This was not time for a mini-lesson. Then, I shared a secret. A sequel to Little Elliot, Big City would be coming out on October 6th. They got excited for a moment. They know Little Elliot well. The book was in our Mock Caldecott unit. They love that little elephant and her friend, Mouse. When I shared it was too early even for an ARC, there were groans. Then the big news… I was going to reveal the cover on my blog (and so were a few friends) so I had a copy of the ARC on my computer! Excitement ran through the room. I told my students I wanted them to experience the book and, if they felt like it, share their reactions with me. I would select a few to run on my blog with the cover reveal. Here are my students’ thoughts about the upcoming picture book, Little Elliot, Big Family.

“This book showed lots of friendship and lots of kindness. Overall, this book is amazing.” – Cooper M

“Elliot was lonely, but Mouse took her in.” - Jacob H

“I like how it started out sad, but then Mouse accepted her into his family.” – Ben C

“I loved this book because Mouse showed friendship when Elliot was lonely.” – Tyler H

“I liked seeing what Mouse’s house looked like in the attic and how the mice used what they found for furniture.” – Jackson G

“I loved the illustrations, they were great. It was sad how Elliot missed her family. She was so alone. Then she ran into mouse and he brought her to his reunion. Elliot realized she did have a family after all.” Raegan Y

“ ‘I missed you,’ said Mouse – I love the theme of friendship. Mouse is such a good friend to Elliot.” – Halle K

“I loved this book! It’s so cute and the pictures are so bright and detailed.” – Dylan G

“I love how Elliot thought that she didn’t have a family, but then Mouse gave her one.” – Peyton H

“Sad, sadder, crying, happy!” – Ed M (Stages of emotion in Little Elliot, Big Family)

Here is the beautiful cover to Little Elliot, Big Family

And here is an exclusive image from the book - and a part that we loved! 

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