Saturday, October 19, 2013

So Many Reasons to Celebrate

The end of October is always a time I look forward to reaching AND look forward to getting through. Report cards need to be prepared. Parent-teacher conferences will fill my mornings, afternoons, and evenings for much of the next week and a half. That being said, I think it is more important than ever to look for reasons to celebrate when I’m feeling stressed. For that reason alone, I’m grateful that Ruth Ayres has designated Saturdays as days to reflect and celebrate.

I have so many reasons to celebrate this week that I cannot pick one. This week I am picking one item per day to share.

Sunday Luke found out that he would be playing on the fifth grade travel basketball team. I am grateful that he’s playing, but even more grateful that the coaches decided not to cut anyone. I know twenty boys for two teams is a bit high, but with no rec league and no school team, this is the way these boys will learn the sport. As a teacher who has had so many disappointed kids, I’m grateful.

Monday we had a quick trip to Chicago and back. After a short trip to The Field Museum, we met my aunt and uncle for lunch to celebrate their recent marriage. What a wonderful reason to celebrate.

Tuesday my class had the opportunity to Skype with Chris Grabenstein who wrote Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. It was our first “official” author Skype visit. I took all eighty students into our room and was impressed with how amazing they were during the visit. They loved Chris and we’re grateful he made time for us that day.

Wednesday we learned that one of our classmates was moving. When I shared the news with my students, tears immediately sprung up. When the student stopped by to gather her belongings, full on sobs could be heard from all corners of the room. As I hugged her goodbye, I celebrated in my heart. Not that we lost a class member, I’d take her back in a heartbeat if I could, but that I could clearly see that we had become a community as I looked into the teary faces of my students.

Thursday I had the fun job of passing out so many goodies from author Ame Dyckman. I had shared both Boy + Bot and Tea Party Rules with my students. We were thrilled the have such wonderful gifts to remember her books by and my homeroom looks forward to Skyping with Ame next week.

Friday a former student – now in eight grade – shadowed me for the day. In their Careers class they have to pick a person in the job they are interested with to shadow for a day. I was honored to have her with me, to spend a day talking, take her to lunch, and just see what an amazing person she has begun. Aliyah thanked me repeatedly during the day. How was I to explain that I should be thanking her?

And that brings us to Saturday. Today as I type this I hear the sounds of saws and hammers from the front of my house. A friend is replacing our front door. A door that my husband has painted my absolute favorite color – the color of my favorite Fiesta plate. Now I will smile each and every time I get the mail. That alone is enough reason to celebrate.