Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Sometimes I realize how blessed I am, and I’m fortunate enough to realize this just when needed. I woke this morning in a horrid mood – one of those days where I took a deep breath, realized there was no reason for this mood, and worked to do something about it.

After running Luke to summer band lessons, I took off for a run. I quickly went through my schedule for the rest of the day while I ran:

9-10 Luke’s trumpet lessons
11-12 Summer reading camp
12-1 Piano Lessons


Ahh…. Bliss. Nothing on the schedule for the afternoon. Nothing on the schedule for the evening. Nothing.

I ran on, feeling the tension leave my body. I decided to come up with something I was grateful for during each block remaining of my run.

Family was easy – friends as well. Especially friends that will Skype into my reading camp and recommend books. (I’m looking at you Tony, Colby, Donalyn, Teri, Julie, Paul, John, and Ame.)

I’m grateful for opportunity – to teach, to write, to spend summers with students.

Schedule was another that came to mind. As much as I dreaded the end of the school year, as much as I hated to say goodbye to that class, the summer schedule is one I love. Going to bed at ten and waking at 8 – my body is so happy to finally be feeling rested for the first time in such a long time.

Finally, I’m grateful for conversations – ones I’ve had recently with friends, and ones I had this week with my sons. Such wonderful lessons I can learn from them.

With that, I’m off to the pool. And here are a few book recommendations from just a few of my summer reading camp students. My Skype with Donalyn cut out before they could share and they were not to be silenced.