Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye Reading Camp, Hello Summer!

And like that, summer reading camp is over. Well, not completely. I added a middle school camp this year that meets each Monday in June, but the daily camp is done. It was an excellent transition for me from the school year to summer. I was just so sad to leave that group this year, it helped knowing I wasn’t “done” teaching quite yet. And while I loved my summer readers, I am ready for some relaxation. This week’s schedule was enough to make me a bit crazy.

From Monday-Thursday this week we had:

·      8-9:15 Liam had basketball camp
·      9-9:30 Luke had trumpet lessons
·      9:30-10:45 Luke had basketball camp
·      11-12 reading camp
·      12-1 Piano lessons (Wednesday)
·      1-1:45 Liam has tutoring (Tuesday/Thursday)
·      Three baseball games from 7:15-9
·      Miscellaneous appointments, errands, etc.

So, I am truly looking forward to some lazy days of summer, as are my boys. I shared many books, as did my friends who Skyped into reading camp each day. As I just told Julie Falatko, I promise, the kids were super excited to hear every book you shared! Out of my twelve summer reading camp students, I have about ten who are extremely shy. The buzz when we were done Skyping each day was wonderful – but they were so quiet in front of the camera. Anyway, thanks to:

·      Tony Keefer and class
·      Colby Sharp and class
·      Donalyn Miller and class
·      Teri Lesesne
·      Julie Falatko
·      Paul Hankins (and Noah!)
·      John Schu – even though technology prevented it!
·      Ame Dyckman

We so appreciate all of your recommendations and helping to make my students wonderful summer readers.

Finally, the three books we talked about often are the picks for this month’s #sharpschu book club. In the video below, my students share why they enjoy these titles. If you know them, please join Colby Sharp and John Schu for this month’s chat – more info HERE