Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slice of Life 21 - A day in photos

Slice of Life is sponsored every Tuesday by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. For the month of March we are challenging ourselves to write a Slice A Day.

My husband kindly purchased a iPhone 5 for my birthday. I had the iPhone 4 previously. Two of my students – Josh and Rye – knew how badly I wanted a new phone. They asked me on a regular basis if Chris was going to come through for my gift. We all celebrated when he did.

The previous phone was fine in almost every way. Really, it still worked – I wanted the new model for one reason, the camera was better.

I do have a wonderful camera, a Canon Rebel. I hardly use it anymore. The phone is so much simpler to use. I take more photos and feel like I can capture our daily life. And that is my slice today. I took many pictures throughout the day so you would truly see a slice of my life.

Wake Luke up - he's finally starting to sleep in.
Wednesday's #bookaday
Drive 30 miles to Champaign
Dentist appointment - one cavity. Boo! 
Shopping at Old Navy. 
A stop at Barnes and Noble for a read aloud.
First lunch date
Second lunch date
And a third lunch date - we met up with my mom.
Drive home for 30 miles - realized I love the sight of fields and sky.
Successful shopping trip.
Taught Liam how to tie shoes.
Caught up on Twitter.
Reading new books.
Filling out NCAA brackets - serious stuff.
Winner decides a dinner in our house! 
Luke went to a baseball clinic. 
Exhausted -but happy- kiddo.
Dinner companions. 
And I didn't have to cook - score! 
Working on Art2-D2.
Tickle fight before bed.
Lay with Liam until he falls asleep. 
Write this blog while Bally warms my feet.

And that's our Wednesday! Four more days of Spring Break - I hope to soak them all in.