Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An Ordinary Day

Tuesday was supposed to be a busy day of Spring Break. The boys had friends coming over in the morning – not something we do enough. Life gets busy and things that the boys want to do just don’t come first enough. So, they were having friends over. Luke was going to go to a sleepover Tuesday night. We had errands to run, people to see, and places to go. Lots to do. And then, we didn’t.

Monday night Luke didn’t feel well. Then, the stomach flu began. His face looked at me in tears, he knew that meant plans for Tuesday were cancelled. I was sad, for him. And although I am sure both boys would have preferred our original plans for Tuesday, I looked at today as a gift. A gift of quiet. A gift of peace. What an ordinary but extraordinary day.

I read, I napped, and I listened to this video from Terry Gross as she interviewed Maurice Sendak towards the end of his time on this earth. I’ve heard it before, but, as always, I was moved.

We do miss those that go before us. I only had to look at my lunch today to think of those I’ve lost. My blue Fiesta plate reminds me of my grandma and GG – they helped me collect some Fiesta after I was married. The tomato on my sandwich reminds me of my granddad – he grew amazing tomatoes. This one doesn’t hold a candle to his. And mostly I am reminded of my grandmother, who we called Mumsie. She lived in Princeton, New Jersey. Whenever I visited and went out to lunch with her, she wouldn’t open the menu. The waiter would come and she’d order a B.L.T. and an Iced Tea. I wondered what would happen if they ever didn’t have that. I found out one day.

Mumsie ordered, the waiter replied that they didn’t have a B.L.T. She asked, “Do you have bacon? Tomato? Lettuce? Toast?” When he said yes, she said, “Then I’ll take a B.L.T. and Iced Tea. Thank you.”

These people that have moved on – I can remember them as clear as if they were sitting beside me. And I’m grateful for a quiet day, a day to stare out my window, and time to think. Time to remember. Sometimes I’m reminded that I need to slow down. Today, I had that chance and took it. I am in love with this world and I'm glad for this day and Maurice Sendak for reminding me of that. 

Live your life, live your life, live your life.