Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Slice of Life - Look to the Cookie

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Growing up we would travel to the east coast to visit my grandmother, Mumsie, each summer. She lived in Princeton, New Jersey but my mom and her siblings had grown up in Brightwaters, New York. Traveling from a tiny town in central Illinois to Princeton seemed like a different world. We would visit New York, the shore, see relatives we only saw for that week in the summer, and have food you only found there. One such item was the Black and White cookie.

I don’t remember this cookie as much when I was younger. Then I remember sneaking Milano cookies or M&Ms from Mumsie’s M&M dish. (And I’m now a firm believer that every house should have an M&M dish, even if mine is rarely full.) But when I was older we would have these Black and White cookies on every trip. They were unlike any cookie I’d ever had. Huge, cake-like, with this amazing icing. Some people liked the chocolate side better, some the white. My perfect bite was right down the middle, a little of each.

Later, after introducing my husband to the B&W cookie we were watching Seinfeld and saw this scene:

And now whenever we chance upon a B&W cookie we have to say, “Look to the cookie”. This past trip to South Carolina led to the discovery of Black and White cookies in their grocery store. Success! Luke and Liam got to have their very first one. And we had the opportunity to tell them about eating them with Mumsie, trips to Princeton, and more. And according to my Uncle Bobby I can get these wonderful cookies mailed to me. Looking into that now. If you live on the East Coast, or anywhere you can get a Black and White, have one for me, will you?