Thursday, April 26, 2012

Poem in Your Pocket

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day. I was so excited to celebrate until I saw that....

·      My student teacher is in take-over and I’d be testing students.
·      We had an 11:10 dismissal.
·      We had an assembly in the morning and 2/3 of my students wouldn’t even come to my room today.

So, I celebrated in a different way today. I shared my students’ poems from their poetry unit with teachers in my building. One of those students, Sophie, gave me permission to print her poem here to share with all of you. I loved this poem because it showed me that even when you don’t think that students are listening to the many lectures – discussions - you have with them, some of them are. Thanks Sophie! J


This is not
Just a poem
But a story
Of a life
Scared of reality.

Always buried
In the rough
Until the day
She thought
“Why Not?”
To finally be noticed.

She dropped it all.
Friends that didn’t fit anymore
Clothes gone out of style.
Grades she worked so hard for
Went in the trash pile.

She watched
And watched
Then the same she did
Until she finally
FINALLY! Blended in.

Then just as quickly
Pushed away
Buried in the rough

It’s truly sad
She doesn’t know
It isn’t really so.
All the glitz
The glam
The pampering
Won’t make it so.

Be yourself.
Have your own.
Never give up
Your identity.

For anyone
Or Anything.

All will be well.
It will work out.
Don’t let life hurt.

There’s nothing wrong
With having lots of friends.
But there is
When you’d sacrifice anything
                                       For it.

Be a leader
Not a follower
Or a copy-cat.

Make your own decisions
Don’t let their opinion
Influence you.
They won’t always lead you


Written by Sophie
Fifth Grade
March 2012