Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

Hmm, not sure how to review this book. I went into it with absolutely no idea what the storyline was, characters, anything. I just knew it was by Selznick and it would amaze, and boy did it.

Unlike Hugo, the pictures and the text are not the same story but two different stories set 50 years apart. The pictures tell the story of Rose's life in 1927 and the text is the story of Ben in 1977. I had a feeling both stories would intersect at some point but I wasn't sure how.

Wonderstruck was moving, captivating, and inspiring. I had this book on pre-order but when it arrived, my students begged me to let them have it first. Once I did, it passed from hand to hand, never returning to my desk so I could have it. When I saw a student finish it yesterday I swooped down and had to promise it would be read in one night. My students, as always, were right. This one is a stunner.

Reading level: late 4th-8th if not higher (friend's HS son read it this week)
Genre: hard to categorize, historical fiction would be one.
Appeals to: All
Rating: Five Stars
Release date: out now