Friday, November 25, 2011

Eye of the Storm by Kate Messner

I adore Kate Messner and everything she writes, so it is unsurprising I would love this one. Except this isn't like anything she's written before. The book takes place in the "not too-distant future." Storms have become monstrous. Jaden's dad studies storms. She has gone to spend the summer at a community he has created where people are safe from storms and study them at the same time. At the camp Jaden makes two friends and together they begin to try and figure out where these storms are coming from and how they can be stopped.

I love this book for many reason. For the authentic kids Kate has created once again. For the fast paced storyline. And for the believable villains - some sympathetic, some deeply terrifying. Can't wait to recommend this to my students.

Reading level: 5th-8th
Genre: Fantasy/ Dystopian
Appeals to: Both boys and girls
Rating: Five Stars
Release date: March 2012