Sunday, May 23, 2021

Don't Blink

Our oldest son Luke graduates from High School today. This is for him. 

Don’t blink, they say

As you take your baby home

Driving so slow

Worried about how safe he is in a car seat.

How can you be trusted

To raise this little one

Into the adult they’re meant to be.

Don’t blink, they say

As your toddler cries at home

Frustrated that his body can’t yet

Do what his mind dreams up.

You wonder if you’re doing

This whole parenting thing correctly

It doesn’t come with a manual and answers after all.

Don’t blink, they say

As Nerf wars go on

And on, and on.

Years melting away as little boys become teens.

When did you start having to look up

To the little one that made you a mom?

Your heart breaks a bit more each day

As his independence soars.

Don’t blink, they say

High school goes by in a flash.

Miles ran, friendships formed

You face down each obstacle with grace.

Pandemics come, dreams change

Challenges present

And you work through them

And work through

And work through

Don’t blink, they say

Graduation day is here

The future is wide open

Chase your dreams

Follow them,

Listen to them.

You are meant for greatness.

We blinked.