Sunday, March 29, 2020


Every morning, I awake.
For a moment I’m filled
With a feeling of hope.
Of a time from before.

Who knew I would long
For hugs,
For leisurely trips,
To the grocery store,
To days spent with students.

Who knew how much I depended
On seeing their faces each day,
On my bookshelves to browse,
While giving book recommendations.

There are days I awake angry.
Frustrated by the lack of time in the classroom.
At the loss for my students.
Sad at the notion of what this means for Seniors,
For those that are retiring,
For families celebrating milestones apart,
And missing out on those normal connections.

Then I watch the news.
I’m filled with anxiety,
But also hope.
Look at all of those people stepping up.
Those in the medical fields that are fighting 
On the front lines.

My eyes fill with tears as 
Images of former students
Bravely donning their protective gear
Fills my feed.
I think of everyone working in essential jobs,
Leaving home each day
Making sure our country is still running. 
And I pray.

So I do what I can,
Which is to stay home
So others can do their jobs.
Connect with my students,
Trying to offer them any reassurance,
Or a bit of normalcy
That I can.
And I know that one day soon
We will return to as it was before.
My hope is that we will all be the better for it.
And appreciate our lives anew.