Thursday, September 26, 2019

Color Run - Brainstorming for a Fundraiser

Back in 2012 I joined a group of friends to run The Color Run. I’ve run many 5Ks in my life so far, but this was a favorite. The entire atmosphere was one of celebration. People were walking, dancing, racing, and jogging; yet everyone seemed to be out there to have fun. 

In the past few years I’ve seen many fellow educators mention having a “color run” fundraisers at their schools in lieu of magazine sales or the like. A group of teachers have joined me this year to explore bringing this type of fundraiser to my school. So, as I have done before, I’m reaching out to all of you. 

Has anyone attempted this type of fundraiser at their school? If so, I need serious tips. Our elementary schools do a fundraiser every fall that is a walk, so I do know what some of the challenges can be. We would do our run in the spring to avoid competing with the elementary. However, here’s the stuff that’s swirling in my brain:

→ Do you have a rain date as a contingency?
→ How many kids do you have out there at a time? The entire building? Grade levels?
→ How long is your run?
→ What prizes do you give out for raising money?
→ What incentives do you offer the kids? Any by grade level or classroom?
→ What else do you have planned for the day beyond the run?
→ What do you do about sponsors? Do you have levels?
→ How do you collect the money? 
→ What am I missing?

I am super excited! I think this could potentially be something fun for the kids at the end of the year, but I really want to plan ahead. Feel free to email me if you have a lot to share. I appreciate any advice you can send my way!