Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Online Course on Student Research Writing and an Update

First, a quick update. Apologies on the lack of blogging. I promise, it does not mean a lack of writing on my part. I'm completely submerged in the fiction romance story I've been writing. While I can't promise that it's great, it is a whole lot of fun to write. This past weekend I crossed the 77,000 word mark and I still think there is about a third of the story yet to be told. Once I finally finish, then I'll be printing it off to begin revisions. It is sad how excited that makes me.

Beyond that, I've been consumed with teaching, my boys, watching said boys run for Cross Country (middle schooler is done, high schooler is entering the end of the season), and various other things have filled up my time. Oh, and I've decided I want to learn to knit. Please feel free to send any advice in that regard my way.

However, I wanted to pop on here and let you all know about a cool thing Brenda Power over at Choice Literacy is doing. She's had a bunch of us create online courses. If you enroll in one you will be taken through a twelve day course with that instructor. You will be able to access the course for two additional months and you are given a membership to Choice Literacy and Lead Literacy for three months to access all of their videos and articles. I think it is an extremely cool idea and I'd love to have you join me or one of the other amazing courses they are offering.

To find out more about what the actual structure of the courses would be look HERE.

To see the courses currently being offered, click HERE.

I hope you are all well! I apologize for being so absent from this space. My school year is off to a terrific start with a great bunch of kids. I hope to be back soon to share what we're doing. Hope your fall is gorgeous and relaxing!