Monday, November 6, 2017

Whoa...It's Been Awhile

Dusting off the blog, peeking around in the corners, wondering if it is still functioning. I wish I could give you a better reason for not posting for nearly two months, but truthfully it is just one thing that could be put on the back burner. I detest the term "busy", we're all busy. Life is full of priorities and while writing is often one of them for me, this fall it has not been.

There's so much to share. 

Seventh graders still rock. 
The One Book/ One Community project has come and gone.
It was amazing.

My boys have had a Cross Country season full of successes,
And some heartaches.

Neither one is playing basketball this year for our school,
One by choice,
One not.
Parenting is not for the faint of heart.

I have three NCTE presentations in 
T-minus twelve days.
I haven't created a single slide.


I've read very little in the way of Children's Lit.
Lots of picture books.
Jason Reynolds' Long Way Down.
That's it.

I have read a ridiculous amount of romance books.
Kristen Ashely's Rock Chick series.
Pure indulgence.
I'm ready to travel to Colorado.
Henleys are amazing.

I digress.

This fall has been filled with positives in the classroom,
and disappointments.
In twenty-one years it hasn't gotten easier to handle
frustration in the choices children make.

I can talk until I am blue in the face about being kind,
choosing kind,
that character matters,
that our actions show others
who we truly are.

We had one of those days today.
I am so disappointed.
And yet,
tomorrow is a fresh start.

We're watching this video.
We're going to discuss what greatness means,
where you can find it,
and what lies within.

I'm hoping to leave the classroom inspired once again,
silver linings,
crappy days do inspire the fingers to,
once again,
return to the keyboard.

Pull up a coffee,
or I can share this Fat Tire with you. 
Thanks for reading. 

It's all uphill from here. 
This I have to believe.