Monday, December 19, 2016

Nerdy Book Club - Nerdy Awards

Attention, attention. We need to have a quick meeting. 

Time is running out quickly. The award ballot for this year's Nerdy Award closes at midnight on 12/20. That would be in just over seven hours! I know, I know. Where has the time gone? I just submitted my votes and thought I'd remind you all. Have you submitted your nominations? If not, here's how to do it in a few easy steps. 

--> Vote for Nerdy

Also, in more Nerdy business, Donalyn Miller posted on the blog yesterday evening. (Her post is HERE.) We're needing to switch things up a bit over at the site. Instead of having a new post every day, there will be a new post five days a week. There are a variety of reasons Donalyn cites for this change, but a main one is we need folks to submit posts! Our readership is strong, growing each year. However many folks seem to be under the impression that once you post, you are done. If this might be what you've believed, please know that we'd love you to post again. Head on over to You Want to Be a Nerdy Blogger (HERE) and sign up! 

That's enough Nerdy business for now. Thanks for popping over for our informal meeting. Grab a donut on your way out and please head on over to nominate your favorite children's books from 2016.