Sunday, September 25, 2016

Voices from the Middle

This year so much has changed for me. Moving from fifth grade to seventh grade isn't a huge change overall - just two grade levels. Yet that move also means going from teaching elementary school to middle school. As I learned in my grad classes this summer for my middle school endorsement, middle school is a different world.

I could write post after post about why this world is absolutely the place for me, but I'll save that. What I wanted to do was point you in the direction of an amazing resource if you are also residing in the world of middle school. 

One of the items on my checklist this summer was to change the section I was in for my NCTE membership. I've always belonged to the elementary section, but knew I needed to switch that with my grade level move. When I was doing that on the website, I realized this job change also meant that I should subscribe to a new journal from NCTE - Voices from the Middle. (Find out more about Voices HERE.)

My September issue came just a few weeks ago. WOW. It is filled to the brim with amazing articles. I flipped through the pages reading words from Kylene Beers, wonderful middle school teachers, author Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Chris Lehman, Linda Rief, and so much more. Each article grabbed my attention. It is a journal I've picked up, read, and reread for the past two weeks. A wealth of knowledge resides between the covers. 

I was also thrilled to be asked by the new editors - Shelbie Witte and Sara Kajder - if I'd join a panel of middle school educators as voices for their podcasts. It has been a ton of fun. There are three podcasts out so far and I know a fourth is coming soon. (You can check out the podcasts HERE or in iTunes.)

My mom taught me long ago that teaching is a profession where I should always be learning, reflecting, and growing.  One way I've done that over the years is by belonging to professional organizations like NCTE. I'm grateful to Voice from the Middle for pushing my thinking and inspiring me as I begin this new endeavor. 

Middle School...I think I've found my new home.