Saturday, June 18, 2016

Celebrate This Week: Look Around, Look Around

I'm grateful, as ever, that Ruth Ayres asks us to pause on Saturdays and share a celebration (or two) from the week. Check out her blog HERE

If you finished reading that title above and thought, "How lucky we are to be alive right now..." then, you are my people. I'm firmly entrenched in what is apparently known as Hamilaria. Check out the awesome post on Nerdy Book Club today to know that we are not alone. (HERE)

After last weekend, I was pretty down. The news from Florida was tough. And while that is still ever present in my mind, there is truly so much to be celebrating.

Fitness Routines
I made a commitment to try and run 100 miles this summer. While I'm behind on my milage, I'm only a bit above 20 miles, I'm very happy I've stuck with it so far. Someone is very unhappy that I walk with her, bring her home, then go run. However, Rosie resembles the dog from Up when we're out and darts off after anything she sees. Not very safe. 

Rainy Days
I know it's summer, and I know you are supposed to want beautiful sunny weather, but the other day I was simply craving rain. Not for wonderful reasons like I was worried for the farmers, but because I wanted to be lazy, bake brownies, and read. When the rain came, it was well worth it.

My boys
Summer means spending more time with my boys. While they are now often found in front of a TV with a gaming system controller in hand, I love just being with them. Watching them play sports they love and have fun with their friends is even sweeter. 

Choice Literacy Writing Retreat
I'm so grateful to Brenda Power and everything she does for me. I've been writing for Choice Literacy for several years now and have attended several of their writing retreats. I could only make it to half of the retreat this year because of commitments at home, but the time was a treasure filled with laughter, friends, and writing. (And some Starbucks!)

Scholastic Summit
This summer I'm lucky enough to present at two of the Scholastic Reading Summits. While presenting makes me so nervous I feel like I will be ill, I've done it enough to know that once it begins, I will love it. I hope I'm going to see some of you there! If so, please let me know in the comments. 

Have a wonderful week!