Friday, May 13, 2016

It's A Great Day to Be a Sage!

Our school mascot is the Sage. The "Sage" is known as a wise owl. I love the uniqueness of our mascot. I love that our mascot is tied to wisdom. And most of all, I love that our superintendent constantly says, "It's a great day to be a Sage." This is at the end of every speech I've ever heard him give, every automated call that goes out, everything. And, as always, he's right.

Today I had so many opportunities to live this saying of his. I spent the morning with my new seventh grade colleague for next year. We planned, got to know each other, and laughed. I talked to the principal of the middle school I'm moving to and felt blessed once again. I saw some former students while I was visiting and had some whispered conversations about books. 

Returning to my fifth grade classroom after lunch the students wanted to know how my visit had gone. I realized how blessed I am that I get to work with these cool kids each day, that they care enough to see how I'm doing. That they know me well enough by now to know the move is stressing me (the packing part) and are consistently looking for ways to help. They were just as excited as I was about a letter I received telling me I got a grant I applied for that will impact my seventh grade classroom. Such amazing kids. 

After school I watched with a happy heart as my oldest son worked at track practice. His coaches worked with the team to prepare for sectionals tomorrow. When we came home I mentioned that he had mail. To our surprise the letter was from a high school coach mentioning they had noticed his hard work and were cheering him on for sectionals. Wow.

Sitting down and reflecting on my day I realized just how glad I am to live, and teach, in this community. My superintendent is right, it is indeed a great day to be a Sage. 
I used to have a super cool pin with the saying. It fell off my backpack,
but I love my Sages bracelet.