Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrate This Week - See You Soon!

I love that Ruth invites us to celebrate each week. That chance to reflect and find the moments worth celebrating centers me, even when I forget to blog about it. Check out her blog HERE for more celebrations linked up at the bottom.

Here’s what I’m celebrating this week:

One – Anniversary
Chris and I celebrated our 19th anniversary on Monday. I met Chris at the University of Illinois when I was 19. We married when I was 22, he was 23. Looking back I think we were so young, but at the time we seemed old. Time is funny, our wedding feels both forever ago and that it just happened at the same time. I’m excited to see what the next 19 years brings.


Two – Games
Forgive the sporadic blogging of late. I returned from All Write and Choice Literacy last week and then went into tournament time. Luke had a basketball tournament Monday – Wednesday and played in five games, mostly during the day. Liam had a baseball tournament Monday-Friday and had seven games – all at night. We finally got home last night at 10:45 pm to have dinner. They gave it their all, and ended up in third place. So proud of those kids, but so grateful to have a few weeks off from bleacher life. Well, until football begins in August.

Three – Taking Charge
I believe I have mentioned before, but I have anxiety. It ebbs and flows at times, and has improved greatly over the last few years. One huge trigger is flying. Tomorrow I will be hopping on a plan with my entire family (parents, siblings, nieces, husband, children) to head to Ireland for almost two weeks. I cannot wait. This past Sunday I awoke and found my anxiety was back and in full force. Realizing it had to do with being trapped on a plane for 7 hours, I decided to take charge. Thanks to my doctor, I will be traveling with some Xanax. Feel free to pray for calm skies, lack of turbulence, and some sleep on the flight for me. I’m looking forward to this adventure.

Four - A likely blogging break

As I mentioned above, I’m heading off to Ireland tomorrow. I have no idea what internet access will look like and I don’t know what my time will allow in regard to blogging. So there will likely be a lack of posts for the next two weeks, but expect a huge recap when I return.

Have a Happy 4th. See you in a few weeks!