Saturday, February 7, 2015

Celebrate Finding the Light

I’m joining up with Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week. Check out all of the posts linked up at her blog HERE. Thanks for starting this, Ruth!

Friday I came home in a bad mood. The only word to describe my state was grouchy. Chris asked what was wrong and I listed off a laundry list of grievances.

After listening to only about half of them he said, “Wow, and I thought I had a bad day.”

That made me pause. There was still SO. MUCH. MORE. But then, I took a breath. And then another one. I hate feeling this way. I needed to get out of this funk.

So, I started telling him all of the good things that happened Friday. Time spent with friends. Funny things the kids had done. Rose hopped on my lap. A former student, who is also Luke’s friend, came in the kitchen and cracked a joke. I took another breath.

Feeling a bit better, I scrolled through my students’ blogs, looking for ones I needed to approve. I ran across Logan’s. He had told me this morning he wrote a post asking for others to leave a comment in the form of a poem. He hadn’t told me why. I read his post and smiled. Then, I commented writing the poem below.


To express
In such few words.

It makes the words
You use
Have a bigger impact.

Poetry cuts to the heart
Of the subject.

You cannot hide,
You cannot lie.

Poetry is truth on the page. 

Finishing my comment, I closed my laptop. The boys all loaded up in our van and we headed to the high school basketball game. There I got to talk to some current students and former students. Looking around the gym I realized how much more relaxed I was than just a few hours before.

This celebration that Ruth has us do every single week is so important – even on a daily basis. It makes me realize that each day is a choice. I can find everything that went wrong and dwell on that. I’ll be grouchy and angry. Or, I can breathe. I can look for the awesome moments, because they are there too.  My life is full of them.

And if you are feeling like writing a poem for Logan, you can find his post HERE.

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