Monday, October 27, 2014

Slice of Life - An Amazing Monday

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I think I needed a day filled with joy. Not one that required too much mental stamina. Monday fit the bill.

One would think that when your schedule on a Monday involves the following, it might be stressful:
  • Contractor appointment at 7am to discuss remodel
  • Parent-teacher conference at 7:30am
  • Field trip with a drive of 45-60 minutes each way
  • Principal in my classroom for an hour while I volunteer in my son’s class
  • Two parent-teacher conferences after school

That list doesn’t even include the normal day-to-day events. And you know what? It was an amazing day.

I love parent-teacher conference time. I drag it out for a week instead of our two days, meeting parents before and after school as well as our two nights devoted to them. I love talking to parents, getting feedback, and just getting to know families a bit better.

Our field trip is one of my favorites – to a nearby town where they have an amazing local theater. Today’s show was a live performance of Schoolhouse Rock. It was awesome. And the ride there and back was as quiet as any field trip I’ve ever been on – so many kids had books with them. I finished Port Chicago 50 and got the chance to book talk it to all of the students near my seat.
All of these kids brought books. Love them! 

Schoolhouse Rock! 
Finally, my principal rocks. My son’s sixth grade language arts teacher had sent out a request for parent helpers. They’ve finished their memoir unit and she wanted them to read their writing in groups for feedback. My principal agreed to take my class for their independent reading time while I ran across town and volunteered. Loved it! The kids have grown so much since last year. I was hugged numerous times by my former kids. I miss them so. And their writing? It rocked. I’m so glad to see them flourishing in middle school.
The awesome sixth graders I got to read with! 
What a way to start of the week!