Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Time. There never seems to be enough. Today on Facebook I read an article about how teachers feel that they fall short again and again. On Twitter an author I loved Tweeted that she has learned that no matter what she does, it is never enough. And I know I’ve felt that in teaching, in my life as a mom, in the time I spend with friends. There simply is not enough time to go around.

But, and there is a big but here J, I’ve stopped feeling guilty about that. I have colleagues who chastise me for spending so much of my free time on work related endeavors. My thought is that I’m lucky that my job is also my passion. Does it mean less time with my kids? Sometimes. I also see it as being a role model for my children and showing them that you can do what you love.

I’ve been busy this summer. I tweeted today that school got out 35 days ago. I’ve been away from home 21 of those days. I’ve read 61 books. Typed seven articles for Choice Literacy. Tweeted for them and myself hundreds of times. Hosted a Twitter chat. Written eight blog posts. Started what might become a book one day. Given two presentations at NerdCamp. Attended two conferences. Spent a glorious three days at a writing retreat. Visited friends and family. Survived (and enjoyed) Disney World.

I’ve learned, grown, laughed, cried, ran, walked, baked, slept, and slept some more.

I’m trying hard to be kinder to myself. I can look at that paragraph above and groan, disappointed I haven’t written more here on my blog. I can get frustrated at myself that I can write a ton on a writing retreat, but fall short when coming home. I’m choosing to be kinder to myself and ignore that voice.

Today was my first full day with nothing to do. As I type this post, at 5:07pm, I am still in my pajamas. (I did shower finally at 4 and just put them back on.) I’ve read several books, baked some cookies, and took a long afternoon nap. It was glorious.

I have thirty-eight days of summer left. There are a few commitments scattered here and there, but for the most part, I will be reclaiming some time for me. I plan on spending these days relaxing, reading, writing, planning, and napping. I know I need goals, and accountability, so I’m typing those here:

For my summer #bookaday I need to read thirteen more books. No worries.

I want to move at least five times a week.

I need to write six days a week, twenty-five minutes minimum.

I want to reorganize my classroom library.

I need to write three posts for three separate blog tours.

I need to finish a project for a friend.

I’d like to plan out a rough sketch of the units I want to teach for the first few months.

I want to be kind to myself.

Those are my goals for this second half of summer. How about you?