Friday, May 9, 2014

Celebrate This Week

 I’m joining up with Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week. Check out all of the posts linked up at her blog HERE. Thanks for starting this, Ruth!

This week was one that I was grateful for this weekly post. Looking for the positive, living a grateful life, is something I try to do always. When I find out hard news, it is even more important. This week my town was saddened to hear of the loss of one of our young people. My former student, Chelsea, had a car accident and the injuries proved to be too much. Chelsea was a beautiful fourth grader so many years ago. I remember her as being kind, funny, talented, and tall. J She had grown into a wonderful young person and the world is a bit less for her leaving it. She will be missed.

There were upbeat celebrations as well. Chris was out of town – and while that increases the work I need to do at home, it also gives me the opportunity to spend even more time with my boys. Liam uses it as a chance to steal his dad’s half of the bed – and I do love that.

Also, we’ve entered a new sports season. Baseball has started in full force and we’re juggling three schedules of practices and games – two teams for Luke, one for Liam. Games started this week and Liam was pretty excited. We even squeezed in a boys high school game so the boys could see some of their former babysitters in action.

We also celebrated the life of our dog, Bally, by purchasing some Hydrangea bushes and planting them – and her ashes – in our yard. The boys helped and I finally felt a bit of closure as we said our prayers and our good-byes.

I celebrated friendships. I had applied for a fellowship with a fabulous education company. I found out this week that I didn’t make the final group – which was actually fine. It would have been a terrific experience, but I have so much I’m juggling that I knew this was probably the better result for me. When texted my colleagues that had written my letters of recommendation, I got such positive messages in return. My friend, Wendy, sent me this. (I’m the text in blue, she is in grey.) I'm grateful to friends who remind me of what is worth celebrating. 

My amazing students
And we celebrated our profession. Teacher Appreciation Week always makes me smile. I get cards from students, school supplies, lots of chocolate and snacks. My favorite item, however, would have to be letters and notes. Today I got one such note. Beyond what I’ve recorded here, it truly was a week of ups and downs. One of those where you love your job, but question – at times – whether you are being as effective as possible. Sometimes I wonder what impact I’m having and pray for the best. Today our secretary told me she had a delivery for me – a teacher appreciation gift. She handed me a bag and I headed upstairs, my mind on the million things I needed to do. Halfway down the hall, I peaked inside and pulled out a letter. It was from a former student, Josh. He wrote me the kindest note that brought tears to my eyes. I’ve already sent his mom a text to thank them, but I want to do that publically as well. Some days, some weeks, you just need to know that you made a difference. Josh, thanks. You’ve sent me several notes over the past year and I appreciate each and every one, but today’s was especially needed. And thanks to all of my students who went above and beyond this week. I’m blessed to call teaching my profession and you guys are what make each day worth it.
A note and gift from an amazing kid.