Sunday, April 20, 2014

If Not For Franki...

Today is Franki Sibberson’s birthday. I am thrilled to get the chance to gush unabashedly about this amazing person. Franki is a person that I only met in real life three years ago, but feel like I have known my entire life. When I was asked to reflect on what this crazy person has done for me, I was a bit overwhelmed.

If not for Franki,
I wouldn’t have run three 5Ks
In the last two years.

If not for Franki,
I would have been ashamed of my turtle pace,
Plodding to the finish line.
She cheered me on,
And helped me find the positive.

If not for Franki,
I wouldn’t have gone to All Write.
Met so many of my friends in person.
Became the teacher I was meant to be.

If not for Franki,
I wouldn’t write for Choice Literacy.
Fearing my writing is inferior,
That I don’t have a message worth sharing.
That my writing doesn’t belong there.

Franki is the world’s best cheerleader.
Best friend.
Best force for positive energy.

I can text Franki and ask for advice,

She will research,
Find connections,
Give me direction.

If not for Franki,
I wouldn’t have half of the dreams,
I am now reaching for.
I wouldn’t know many of my closest friends.
Or be pushing myself each day,
To grow in a new way.

Franki – happy, happy, birthday.
I hope it is amazing and full of friends, family,
and lots and lots of laughter.

You have made me a better teacher,
Guided me,
Pushed me.

If not for you, this world sure would be one dull place. J
Thanks for everything!